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Latest Update
Investigate differential charges to parking permits and in car parks (e.g. higher emission vehicles pay more.)
Investigate the method and systems needed to introduce (with a view to trialling) the system in selected car parks and/or streets. System is in effect in Bristol.
Report pending - end of 2021
Ensure new housing developments are much more walking and cycling friendly.
Major development sites to consider the inclusion of offroad cycle routes to link between other cycle routes where connections exist
Collate outcomes by monitoring permissions yearly
Better bus provision and strategic park and ride facilities to reduce traffic in towns
Team Devon will develop community, town and city transport initiatives and infrastructure for cycling, buses, rail and other forms of sustainable transport. SHDC will engage with Team Devon and support.
Increase uptake of cycling in South Hams and support and encourage green travel methods for tourists to our coastal natural environment. A different type of tourism.
Investigate electric bike hire in towns & and key tourist areas in summer to start to change culture. Increase cycle parking at key locations in towns and villages.
Promote the use of recycled and Sustainable construction materials through input at planning stage for new developments
Continue to apply recently adopted Joint Local Plan Policies and Supplementary Planning Guidance. Review Joint Local Plan to investigate options for policies amendments to further incentivise or force the use of recycled and sustainable construction materials.
Monitor and review policies to reduce the carbon footprint of new developments (Policies DEV32, DEV33, DEV34)
Continue to apply recently adopted Joint Local Plan Policies and Supplementary Planning Guidance. Review policies DEV32, DEV33 and DEV34 at Plan Review Stage. Reconsider a Low Impact Development Policy (‘One Planet Living Principles’).
Subject to Joint Local Plan Review Timetables
Investigate adaption and resilience methods for new developments.
Joint Local Plan Review - this will either form a new policy or a new revision to policy DEV32.
Subject to Joint Local Plan Review
As part of JLP review consider an Article 4 Direction that removes permitted development rights on class Q barn conversions.
Review the Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) evidence whether or not there is too much housing delivery in tier 4 settlements.
Monitor yearly AMR and report update in 2022.
Review the potential for District Energy Networks in the District and invest in housing energy-saving measures.
Review internal processes to create a flow of investment from developer contributions and government grants related to carbon reduction.
Underway but partially subject to Joint Local Plan Review
Allocate sites for renewable energy, in particular strategic scale solar and wind for both commercial and community energy development.
Conduct a call for sites during the Joint Local Plan review process. Commission an appraisal of the district's capacity for more large scale renewable energy. Work with Plymouth City Council on a brief to set the scope of the work and commission the work.
Provide update at the end of 2021
Local Plans and Neighbourhood Plans to ensure the provision of EV charging points where parking spaces are provided in new developments.
Continue to condition EV charging on major developments
Maximise local and closed-loop recycling to minimise transport impacts and valorise waste materials.
South Hams moving to the Devon aligned service 2021
Due to be in place by March 2021
Lobby for changes to the National Planning Policy Framework or any such replacement to prioritise carbon reduction target over housing targets.
Respond and input into the proposed changes to the Planning System. Continue to engage in national changes to the Planning System.
Make use of funding opportunities to provide employment and community assets across the District, to minimise the need to travel for access to services.
Access UK Shared Prosperity Fund if and when it's established and re-enforce COVID recovery grants and initiatives.
Review once the UK shared prosperity fund is established.
Explore installing electric car charging points in car parks
SHDC has joined the Devon Low Carbon Energy and Transport Technology Innovator (DELETTI) to install EVP in various car parks
Review after phase 1 and 2 or by 2022, whatever is sooner.
Local plans to ensure new developments are designed with filtered permeability to promote sustainable travel
Joint Local Plan Review
Subject to Joint Local Plan timescales
Rationalise bottle banks in the South Hams
To be confirmed
To be confirmed
Investigate the creation of a new EP policy to ensure the correct use of litter bins, potentially reducing collection need.
To be confirmed
To be confirmed
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