Questions from the Public

Overview and Scrutiny 13 June 2019

How will the Council be assessing the viability of a 2030 target for achieving carbon-neutrality in its Climate Action Plan, what independent organisations is it contacting for advice on how to do this and by what date does it currently intend to set a target?

In response, Cllr Pearce made the following points:

  • The Executive had recommended to the Special Council meeting on 25 July 2019 that: ‘An Action Plan be developed that outlines how the Council will address the Emergency and meet or exceed the targets set by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, including an assessment of the viability of a 2030 target, to be brought to Council for approval within six months’ and it would be through this process that the Council would assess the viability of a 2030 date;
  • The Council was already working with a range of organisations, including Exeter University, through the Climate Emergency Response Group (CERG) that was chaired by Devon County Council;
  • It was expected that a range of organisations would be engaged through the process of producing the Action Plan;
  • The Council did not have a date by which it intended to set a target other than as detailed in the Executive recommendation to the Special Council meeting.