Climate Change and Biodiversity Grants

South Hams District Council, through its declaration of a Climate Change and Biodiversity Emergency, is seeking to encourage and support projects and ideas that will help the District become carbon neutral, improve its biodiversity and create climate resilient communities.

There are three funding opportunities on offer currently;

  1. Match funding* through the South Hams Climate Action and Biodiversity fund through Crowdfunder, this is now live and full information, including eligibility and guidance can be found by clicking here 

  2. Small direct cash grants* (up to £500) - apply here

  3. Funding through your Local Ward Councillor (£3,000 available per Councillor) -  read more here

*available until the total budget available has run out


For applications for small direct cash grants and the Climate Change and Biodiversity Locality Fund the project will need to support our Climate Change and Biodiversity Strategy and lead to demonstrable reductions in carbon emissions or improvements in biodiversity. Below are some suggestions;

  1. Reducing carbon emissions from households, businesses or organisations, including community and voluntary groups (links to Objective 1 – Energy)

  2. Supporting behaviour change and sustainable living (links to Objectives 2 – Sustainability and 4 – Capability and Engagement)

  3. Projects which will result in removal of carbon from the atmosphere through nature-based solutions or supporting improvements in biodiversity (Links to Objective 3 – Land use and Biodiversity)

  4. Providing education and awareness of the Climate and Ecological emergency through direct engagement with hard to reach groups and individuals (links to Objective 4 – Capability and Engagement)

  5. Projects which aim to help communities and species adapt to the effects of Climate Change (Links to all Objectives)

  6. Projects to help reduce organisational carbon footprints (Links to all Objectives)

Applicants will need to provide the following by email to  after filling in relevant application forms


  • Constitution, aims, objectives, rules, governing document or charitable deed depending on the type of organisation

  • Details of charitable status including registered number where appropriate


General Conditions

  • Maximum of two applications can be made per organisation per annum but these must be for different projects

  • Only one application may be made per project, all grants are one-off support

  • Applications cannot be retrospective

  • Grants will be assessed on their contribution to and impact on reducing the impacts of Climate Change and/or improving biodiversity

  • Applicants may not always receive the full sum requested and each request for funding will be compared to other funding requests granted to ensure consistency

  • All necessary consents will be the responsibility of the applicant and will be expected to be in

  • Businesses, organisations or individuals may not apply if the project proposal is for the benefit of an individual business, an individual, or a political or religious organisation.


Re-Payment of Grants


Grant funding will have to be repaid in the event that it is either not used for the intended purpose or the applicant fails to meet one or more of the grant conditions or where the project is being delivered over a longer timescale and as agreed when offering grant support

What documents are required?

  • Proof of project completion i.e. invoices, certificates for training quoting the purchase order number if provided on the offer agreement.

  • Copies of letters confirming matched funding for the project where not provided at the application stage.

  • Outcomes of the project with copies of publicity material and other relevant information.

  • Evidence that South Hams District Council has been acknowledged as a funder on the project.