Action Plan and Activity

Action Plan and Operational Carbon Reduction Plan

We have now produced two plans which set out a range of actions that could be taken. These plans are live, working documents with a collection of proposals from Councillors and Council Officers.

An analysis of the overall costs and benefits will be carried out before deciding whether to go ahead with each proposal, or reject it.

Operational Carbon Reduction Plan - Reducing our Footprint

This document is our starting point, and sets out draft proposals to reduce the Council's carbon footprint.

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Carbon footprint 1.jpg
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Climate Change and Biodiversity Action Plan

This is an initial set of proposals that we, our partners, the community and others could action in order to work towards our second aim, to reduce the District’s carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050 at the latest. This plan will develop alongside the emerging Devon Carbon Plan.

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Action Plan

Below are links to a summary of our planned actions around four themes to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss. Please click on each link to see a brief description of each action, activity involved and the latest updates.

You can also download and read the full Climate Change and Biodiversity Strategy.

  1. Energy

  2. Sustainability

  3. Land Use and Biodiversity

  4. Capability and Engagement